The protection of our environment and the conservation of its resources are a priority for us in the development and manufacture of our products. Fire protection coatings from Rudolf Hensel GmbH have currently been classified as building materials for ecological construction according to the criteria of the American LEED seal of approval.

Good news for builders and contractors. Because especially when used in hospitals, schools and kindergartens, the requirements for the compatibility of building materials for people and the environment are particularly high. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. This seal of approval was granted in 1998 by the U.S. Green Building Council created and sets strict standards for the presented building products.

The products that have now been awarded include the steel fire protection systems HENSOTHERM® 410 KS and 420 KS, approved according to European standards for R30 / R60 and R90 / R120. The systems consist of the primer HENSOGRUND AQ, the insulating layer-forming fire protection coatings HENSOTHERM® 410 KS and 420 KS and the top coat HENSOTOP 84 AQ in the desired color. All system components have a water-based formulation. The transparent Hensel wood fire protection system HENSOTHERM 1 KS INNEN has also been recognized as an ecological building material according to LEED criteria.

The VOC content of the fire protection coating HENSOTHERM 1 KS INNEN is less than one percent, the corresponding protective lacquer is aromatic-free. HENSOMASTIK® 5 KS and HENSOMASTIK® B 3000 were also awarded. HENSOMASTIK® 5 KS is solvent-free and halogen-free and also weather-resistant. It can therefore also be used outdoors and there for cable fire protection, cable bandages and partitioning. HENSOMASTIK® B 3000 is used to strengthen concrete components.