Documentation is everything! Be prepared for anything!

Record, track and report every installed fire protection system, regardless of the manufacturer – at the push of a button! With Datamanager, you can easily plan and manage fire protection systems that conform to standards from anywhere and on almost any device.


Our cloud-based platform in combination with the mobile app enables you to be connected to the team and the projects in real time – this way you increase productivity!


Real-time management and recording of fire protection installations via our digital platform – this is how you ensure that the right solutions are installed in the right place!


With up-to-date installation records, you don’t need to worry about an upcoming inspection or liability in the event of a fire!

Cloud based platform

Manage and document your fire protection installations. Changes and retrofits to any fire protection system from anywhere and on almost any device!

Floor plan navigation

Navigate through a project and record new or existing installations using uploaded building floor plans.

Instant reporting

Generate a comprehensive report quickly! With solution details, associated approval documentation, before and after photos, marked floor plans and a review of the installation! - so you are prepared!

Offline capability

Document your work - even offline! All installation details are automatically saved in the cloud as soon as you are back online!

Data collection in real time

With the help of real-time data acquisition, team members can work together on the latest plans on the platform! This guarantees transparency in every phase for all authorized persons.

Free mobile app

Checking, marking and approval of the fire protection installations on the construction site. The mobile app is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets!