Steel is in great demand as a building material for large buildings – in combination with glass – and enables the realization of spectacular architectural forms. Steel does not catch fire, but loses its structural strength at temperatures above 500 ° C. The nature of the structural steel itself or, for example, galvanizing, are important parameters that must be taken into account when planning and calculating fire protection. Correct processing also plays an important role.

Solutions with different surface textures are available to meet the requirements for different areas of application in indoor or outdoor areas. Moisture-resistant coatings are also possible. Due to the wide range of options, it is advisable to choose a system that has not only been tested for fire resistance according to the latest standards, but also extensively for adhesion properties, surface properties and applied effect.

Rudolf-Hensel GmbH is ISO-certified and constantly invests in tests and studies on the refractory coating of steel as well as on new and existing substrates. FEUERFEST is a partner of the renowned and reliable manufacturer. Decades of experience, tested guarantees and perfect instructions for processing are associated with Rudolf Hensel GmbH.
The coating with the steel fire protection system is guaranteed for 30 years.

Rudolf Hensel GmbH