Nullifire FS701 Fireproof Acrylic Sealant is a one-component foaming fire resistant sealant based on acrylate.

Nullifre FS701 Fire-resistant Acrylic Sealant is suitable for internal use in a variety of fire-resistant constructions such as joints in walls (including metal stud) and floors. Due to the foaming effect, Nullifire FS701 Fire-resistant Acrylic Sealant is extremely suitable as a seal for penetrations, such as cables, cable ducts, metal pipes and combinations thereof.


  • Concrete – concrete
  • Concrete – wood
  • Concrete – steel
  • Around pipes and penetrations


  • Fire resistant up to 5 hours
  • Provides a durable seal and is resistant to moisture, mildew and pests
  • Paintable and easy to use