Nullifire FS721 Fireproof Foaming Sealant foams up during fire and seals perfectly between cables and penetrations.

Nullifire FS721 Fire Resistant Foaming Kit is an easy to install fire resistant sealant for pipe, air duct and cable tray systems or combinations thereof. Nullifire FS721 Fireproof Foaming Kit is used in combination with Nullifire FB747 Fireboard and Nullifire FS711 Fireproof Coating. In the fire-resistant sealing of recesses, seams between both lead-through pipes and FB747 Fireboard and seams between FB747 Fireboard are filled with Nullifire FS721 Fireproof Foaming Sealant. Suitable for indoor use (splash proof).


  • Water-based pasta
  • Drying time of 48 hours at a relative humidity of 60% and a temperature of> + 15 ° C
  • Easy to apply with brush, roller, brush