HENSOTHERM® System für Einzelleitung

Fire protection solution for single pipe penetrations

HENSOTHERM® 7 KS Gewebe 50 is designed as an endless pipe collar for sealing single pipe penetrations. It can be used to seal combustible and non-combustible pipes insulated with synthetic rubber in solid floors > 150 mm and in solid and flexible walls > 100 mm up to a fire resistance class of EI 240.

The pipes’ component seal (annular gap) is filled with HENSOTHERM® 7 KS Gewebe 50 and HENSOMASTIK® 5 KS SP (cartridge filler), depending on the pipe type. Alternatively, the annular gap can be filled with plaster or mortar (A1).

Incombustible pipe in wall Incombustible pipe in wall
EIR bundles / flexible pipes in floor EIR bundles / flexible pipes in floor

Product characteristics

of HENSOTHERM® 7 KS Gewebe 50 and HENSOMASTIK® 5 KS SP in HENSOTHERM® System für Einzelleitung

  • ETA 20/1306
  • Tested up to fire resistance class EI 240
  • Simple installation and assembly
  • Low cost system
  • Indoor and wet rooms
  • Free of solvents and silicone, VOC emissions class A+
  • Packaging sizes: HENSOTHERM® 7 KS Gewebe 50: 1x roll of 15 m x 50 mm x 2 mm,
    HENSOMASTIK® 5 KS SP (Spachtel): 310 ml cartridge
  • Technical data sheet
  • Assessment ETA 20/1306
  • Declaration of performance