The HENSOTHERM® 7 KS fabric 1000 is a glass filament fabric A2 equipped on both sides with the HENSOTHERM® 7 KS fire protection coating.

Product features

  • Glass filament fabric A2 coated on both sides with HENSOTHERM® 7 KS
  • Delivery form: on a roll 1 m wide and 12 m long, total thickness approx. 1 mm
  • free of halogens, APEO, borates, fibers and plasticizers
  • Use categories X / Y1 / Y2 / Z1 / Z2
  • highly flexible, therefore also workable in tight turns
  • Tested with paints based on acrylic dispersion, alkyd resin, polyurethane acrylic and epoxy resin
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Application area
Due to its material properties, the HENSOTHERM® 7 KS fabric 1000 is recommended for various installation situations. For use as a fire-protective sheathing for cables, the fire behavior of the fabric is classified as C-s2, d0 on the basis of test reports according to DIN EN ISO 11925-2 and DIN EN 13823.