HENSOTHERM® 820 KS improves the fire-resistance time of pre-stressed concrete hollow ceilings up to 120 minutes, that of reinforced concrete beams and supports up to 150 minutes, and that of concrete flat slab ceilings and reinforced concrete ribbed slab ceilings up to 240 minutes. In the event of fire, HENSOTHERM® 820 KS forms a heat-insulating barrier of carbon foam and thus prevents the concrete structural elements from heating up and the concrete from flaking off the steel reinforcement – patented under European Patent No. 2686391.

Product characteristics

  • Contains no halogens, APEO, borates, fibres or plasticisers
  • Low VOC < 6g/l, A+ VOC emission class, LEED confirmation, AgBB tested
  • Very well suited for Minergie-(A-/P-)Eco / Correspond to priority 1 of Eco-BKP
  • Imposes hardly any structural loading, space saving -> no loss of headroom, maintenance-free
  • Colour: white, approx RAL 9010
  • Warringtonfire EWCL Certificate No. ME 5119
  • European Patent No. 2686391

Areas of application

Weight 25 kg